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E-Mail Marketing – Market Competitive or …? Challenges

E-Mail Marketing – Market Competitive or …? Challenges

Growing Number of Email Users to Fuel Adoption of Email Marketing

The increasing use of emails for communication and various other works is driving the global email marketing market. The number of email users is constantly increasing and this is expected to continue to drive the global email marketing market. Email is the most productive medium for advertising and marketing and by 2019 one third of the population will make use of emails. 

Currently, email marketing is being extensively utilized in the media, IT and telecom, retail/e-commerce, travel and leisure, and the BFSI industries as the primary source of marketing for business expansion purposes and customer retention and satisfaction.

Looking back on some early challenges, companies sees email marketing as an essential part of growing their business and thriving in a competitive environment.

How to Keep Your Business Competitive With Email Marketing? How can a small business win in an increasingly competitive market?

Let’s take a look at how some small companies used email marketing to reach record-breaking sales and drive repeat business for their business. 

Just to use an automatizing e-mail tool it’s not enough. The attractive content and impressive design is what is making your customers to open the email. 

1. Start with a professional email template.

2. Write a short and compelling message.

3. Track results with real-time reporting.

What can email marketing do for your business?

When some company sends an email to its subscribers, it wants to make a great impression in the inbox. Simple, readable and catchy with not too many words and a picture that “talks about the company and its products”.

The perfect option is to use some e-mail template to do it, but what if you have any problem with the content, design or vizualization in outlook and gmail?

This is where we can help – we have designers, copywriters, etc. for your perfect presentation via all possible e-mail clients and we guarantee the receiving of it.

And what if we can offer you some videos and animations that will be easy visible and will make your message/newsletter/e-mail invitation even more attractive?

But even more, after every sending, we are tracking the results and give you a detailed report of all aspects of your messaging and how to optimize it even more for a better result.


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