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How to create a client Database?

How to create a client Database?

There are many businesses out there who are sitting on a large customer database of valuable information, and yet are not utilising that database to increase repeat sales of those customers. Find out how you can unlock the value in your database, because you could be sitting on a gold mine!

Your customer database is a valuable part of your business.  Collecting better information about your customers, and then acting on that info, can greatly improve your bottom line. A customer database isn’t just a boring thing that only big companies should worry about. Every business should have an active database full of context on their hot leads and customers. 

But how to look very accurately only for “your customers” and how to invite them to be part of your business without look like you are spaming them?

What if we bring you the customers that your business really needs?

If building a solid customer base for your product or service is what you are looking to achieve in 2019, Marketing is the art of attracting and keeping customers.

We can help you increase your clients database with the people who really matter for your business.

And no – we don’t sell databases for 0.01 cent per e-mail that are going directly to the spam. We prepare a whole plan on how to attract more customers to your Linkedin groups, Facebook pages and encourage them to sign up for your services/products newsletters. We find the leaders in your field or academy industry to bring them to your event or partake in your workshops and trainings. We do not spam them. In a delicate and interesting way, we find the most relevant items for your audience and encourage them to connect to your network, group, or join your business.

The beauty about this list is that you have already started the process of a sale with a relevant customer within your target market.  You have their attention. They like something about you.  These people on your list are all warm leads.  So, it makes sense, that the more people on this list, the greater the chances of a sale.

Sounds great? Let us show you how we do this.

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