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What is the best about Google instruments?

What is the best about Google instruments?

“Solving big problems requires having the right tools.” – that’s a phrase of the Google team. And they are right. Google is a vast machine that utilizes different types of apps, programs, and tools. A lot of these—like Gmail and Google Docs—are clearly useful and beloved by many. But hidden inside Google’s network are some awesome, lesser-known gems that can make your life easier.

–      Google+’s local tab doesn’t really seem that interesting from the description alone: type in an address and Google+ shows you restaurants with a score. More interesting is the fact your Google+ peers can also write reviews and they’ll show as recommendations. Done right, you can get restaurant recommendations from people you know every time you search for restaurants.

–      Run Any Meeting Online with Google Hangouts (and Its Apps)

–      Customize Google Maps for Personalized Navigation and more visibility of your business

And much more:

  • Google analytics are the best tools for analyzing the website – it reveales everything about the site, i.e. where the traffic is coming from, which keyword is encouraging more hits to your site ect. and each and everything though.
  • Webmaster tool helps to optimize your website for the google search engine.
  • Google ads are the way to bring more people via keywords to your website in a short period of time and much more.

Google tools are very useful and more importantly – totally free. But does everyone knows how to use and connect all these instruments – are they really necessary for you and your business?

We will give you just few examples:

Did you know that for fast focus group data you can use “YouTube Analytics” and “Google Consumer Surveys” and for in-depth consumer insights: “Google Trends”? Or by using “Google Correlate” you can explore  the interests and preferences of consumers?

Some of these tools and resources provide a really competitive advantage. Let us know what do you want to do and we will tell you how to do it!

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